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Certified Creative Coach Training Program

The Power of Creative Change

Our fundamental purpose is to train and certify coaches who desire to integrate approaches to creative change into their work with clients. The goal is to equip coaches with the ability to co-create innovative strategies that bring about transformative change personally, professionally, and in the social landscape of our global community. Our graduates continue to demonstrate that creative change can happen within a wide range of professions, including the medical field, the military, the executive suite, K12 through higher education, entertainment, and beyond.

Four Pillars of Creative Change™


Human Wholeness

Our life and leadership coaching model emphasizes the whole of our journeys as professionals and private individuals by focusing on three areas of wholeness, including the whole environment, the whole person, and the whole experience.


Cultural Competence

Our objective is to prepare leaders to reduce limiting beliefs and biases within their organizations and within the communities they impact. Culturally competent coaching skills challenge individuals and organizations to take action toward transformation.


Creative Solutions

Our Creative Approach™ draws upon the work of neuroscience and positive psychology to examine effective strategies for problem solving and goal attainment through the use of effective coaching strategies.


Invigorative Leadership™

Our approach to transformation challenges leaders to invigorate others in the discovery and utilization of the tools, strategies, and skills needed to create change within their organizations, themselves, and their communities.

Allow our life-changing curriculum to take your coaching to a greater and even more effective level.

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About the President

Dr. Pamela Larde - a professor, coach, joy researcher, and award-winning author - is committed to engaging in the work of advancing the reach and commitment of the coaching profession to serve and build up heart-centered leaders around the world. With a commitment to taking the lead in addressing global social issues through research and education, she is also the director of education for the Institute of Coaching, an affiliate of McLean/Harvard Medical School. In 2013, she founded the Academy of Creative Coaching to serve individuals and organizations across the globe wishing to elevate their skills and credibility around coaching, leadership, and deep change. Powered by a solid team of trainers and experts, Dr. Larde's vision was to create an academy that offers evidence-based certification and training for individuals desiring to undertake professional coaching as a career and for organizations committed to providing professional development to their teams. Dr. Larde and her team are intentional about integrating values of belonging, human dignity, justice, and care for the whole person into every fiber of the organization.

Meet the ACC Team
Dr. Pamela Antoinette Larde


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The Academy of Creative Coaching mission is to offer the very best in training with a flexible and adaptable curriculum that enables our graduates to make an impact in the discipline that best reflects their strengths and purpose.

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Based in the greater metro area of Atlanta, Georgia, we offer our online courses to students all over the globe with our flexible program designs. Our summer intensive weekends take place during the months of July, August, and September in the Atlanta area, but can be facilitated in any city around the world.