Moving from Cultural Competency to Cultural Humility

We find ourselves in a moment in history that is challenging us to evaluate our place in conversations about racism. These conversations, if they are like mine, are happening at the dining room table, in Zoom meetings, and over the telephone. They are happening with new mid-to-executive-level professionals. They are happening between people from all walks of life.


Post-traumatic Growth: Hope Is a Strategy, Not a Feeling

When a young person experiences trauma, there is no single answer regarding how that experience may impact them in their later years. Two 12-year-olds experiencing the exact same kind of trauma, for example, may have two very different responses — one crumbles and the other rises. One processes it deeply and the other suppresses it. One becomes a powerful force for change in the community and the other struggles to make their place in the world. (more…)

We Must Encourage Self-belief, Self-determination for Youth to Experience Post-traumatic Growth

The intriguing thing about human nature is that there is no one way to exist. Just recently, I was speaking with a colleague who struggled to understand why some people cannot handle a heavy workload or stressful situations. Because she can. (more…)

Why Young People Take Social Action: Self-Determination and Youth Activism

Freedom Riders in 1964 Mississippi. Each generation possesses a somewhat egotistic belief that they are wiser and more competent than the generation before. We are no exception. We often boast that in our heyday, we valued life more, worked harder, maintained stronger relationships, embraced family values and we definitely were not glued to our smartphones, computers, and tablet devices. In our minds, today’s youth can take some lessons from the generations that preceded them, particularly our own. Because we know what life is really like. We know the real world, and we know what it takes to change it. (more…)

5 Tips to Forge Stronger Relationships With Customers During the Covid-19 CrisisThe strategy and tactics you establish now will define how you interact with customers in the future.

Andy Bailey, an Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) member in Nashville, is an author, CEO and head coach of business coaching firm Petra Coach, who serves in an advisory role on the Gazelles Council, leaders of the Scale Up movement. We asked Andy how companies can help their customers get through the Covid-19 pandemic. Here's what he shared:

5 ways to start being a better ally for your black coworkers

The first six months of 2020 have brought about overwhelming levels of pain, fear and exhaustion to the black community. In addition to experiencing  disproportionately high  levels of death from  Covid-19 , black Americans are continuing to deal with traumatizing acts of racism and injustice across the country. (more…)

We Stand Against Racism

Over these last three weeks, when I really take in how much of the hate and ignorance that exists in this world is directed to people who look like me, sometimes all I can do is just sit there in state of numbness to escape the overwhelming reality of the world we live in. It’s too much. The work we have ahead of us is great and sometimes it feels easier to just tuck away and hide from it all. (more…)

Practical Tips: How CEOs And Directors Can Lead On Racial Injustice

Many corporate leaders across the country are debating what their response should be to the protests against police violence and racial injustice that have paralyzed the nation for more than a week. What would your company’s response be if corruption and misconduct were found within your organization? (more…)