We Stand Against Racism

Over these last three weeks, when I really take in how much of the hate and ignorance that exists in this world is directed to people who look like me, sometimes all I can do is just sit there in state of numbness to escape the overwhelming reality of the world we live in. It’s too much. The work we have ahead of us is great and sometimes it feels easier to just tuck away and hide from it all. ...Continue Reading

Dr. Pamela Talks The Academy of Creative Coaching & Coaching Through COVID

WATCH: Fox Sports, Beyond the Headlines with Renee Washington, Ep. 46- Positive Vibes Only with Dr. Pamela Larde, Founder of the Academy of Creative Coaching (ACCCoaches) on teaching coaches during COVID-19.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q__vYo405hI&list=PLoaN2kBqaw-Wa2ZmGYijlXYoK4QvhjBze&index=7

Practical Tips: How CEOs And Directors Can Lead On Racial Injustice

Many corporate leaders across the country are debating what their response should be to the protests against police violence and racial injustice that have paralyzed the nation for more than a week. What would your company’s response be if corruption and misconduct were found within your organization? ...Continue Reading

Morris Brown College Continues in Road to Accreditation with Academy of Creative Coaching Partnership

ATLANTA - May 15, 2019 - PRLog -- The Academy of Creative Coaching ("ACC") will offer a Weekend Intensive at Morris Brown College on June 6. This is the beginning of a strategic partnership between ACC and Morris Brown College in an effort to regain accreditation and certify leaders and coaches at the college. One of the goals is to host approximately six coaching intensives per year on Morris Brown's campus. Professionals and industry leaders interested in seeking certification are welcome to register for the intensives offered by the ACC. The college is particularly focused on equipping its leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to be competitive and restore confidence in the college. Dr. Kevin James, the interim President at Morris Brown, commented, "We are remaining strategic and focused on regaining the college's accreditation and raise the needed funds for financial stability. This is another important step in a bigger plan to restoration. We are excited about the initiative." President and founder Dr. Pamela Larde agreed, "Yes, we are very excited about this partnership. Offering coaching certification to leaders in academia, as well as other professionals, adds credibility to any organization." Read more here: https://www.prlog.org/12770064-morris-brown-college-continues-in-road-to-accreditation-with-academy-of-creative-coaching-partnership.html