Coaching and Mental Health

With the recent news of the brilliant beauty queen, Chelsie Kryst dying by suicide, many people are reminded of the seriousness of depression and the extremes people go to wear masks to hide the pain. Chelsie was an attorney, a daughter, sibling, and friend. It is unclear if she shared her pain with many others, but it brings to light how we can help those around us.

We must be clear that there is a difference between therapy and coaching. The skills and credentials needed for therapy are very different and should be respected. The treatments for depression range from scientific to counseling to behavioral therapy. However, as life coaches, executive coaches, spiritual coaches, are there alternatives that certified coaches can offer that will assist those with mental health issues?

Here are a few things to consider:

Coaching can help people get clear on how they see themselves and can offer more perspective on life situations.
Coaching can help people look at their lifestyle choices and decisions for further evaluation.
Coaching can help boost self-confidence.

The President and Founder of The Academy of Creative Coaching, Dr. Pamela Larde, makes a great point about depression. As she recently released The Joy Whisperer Podcast, she explains: “One of the greatest misconceptions about coaching is that we don’t touch trauma and depression, when the reality is that human emotions and mental states do not live in boxes. We are whole people with complex, integrated lives. Coaches who are trained to recognize the effects of trauma and depression are well-positioned to provide support and resources by referring their clients to therapists and other helping professionals who can guide them through a process of healing.”

Being a certified coach is more important than ever due to the issues many of us will need to address. It is not something that should be done without the proper training or resources. As the world handles more and more anxiety and complex issues, coaches should seek more training and resources to help others work through mental health challenges.

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