Self-Paced Asynchronous Design (6 months)

Our Self-Paced Asynchronous program is ideal for coaches and other professionals who seek training or professional development, but need to take courses at their own pace and on their own schedule. This is not an International Coach Federation (ICF) program, but it follows the same curriculum used in our live training programs and includes live mentor coaching from our highly qualified team of faculty. Our self-paced program is a unique route to providing coaches and other professionals with the certification, mentoring, tools, and skills they need to develop a solid coaching business. For trainees seeking eventual credentials, the mentor coaching and 18 hours of this program are acceptable for transfer into a full ICF program.

The Asynchronous design is offered year-round at the students’ pace. Students register for the full program or for one course at a time. This program could be completed in 7 months if completed consecutively. There are no weekend or in-person meetings for this option. All courses are offered online in the sequence of the students’ choice.

  • Modules 1-3 are for students enrolling in the 66-hour self-paced program.
  • Modules 1-6 are for students enrolling in the 133-hour self-paced program.

Month 1 – Coaching Foundations

Week 1 – Definition of Coaching & Personal Aspirations for Coaching
Week 2 – Ethical Guidelines & Core Coaching Competencies
Week 3 – The Coaching Agreement & The First Conversation
Week 4 – Specialization Study

Month 2 – Relationship Building

Week 1 – Understanding Self I & Understanding Self II
Week 2 – Positive Relationships & Establishing Trust
Week 3 – Addressing Difficult Relationships & Conflict Resolution
Week 4 – Specialization Study

Month 3 – Effective Communication

Week 1 – Asking Powerful Questions & Coaching Presence
Week 2 – Communication Techniques & Group Coaching and Technology
Week 3 – Uncovering Hidden Biases & Cultural Competence
Week 4 – Specialization Study

Month 4 – Coaching Techniques I

Week 1 – Conquering Beliefs & Brilliant Coaching
Week 2 – Planning and Goal Setting I & Planning and Goal Setting II
Week 3 – Managing Progress I & Managing Progress II
Week 4 – Specialization Study

Month 5 – Coaching Techniques II

Week 1 – The Creative Approach & Integrating the Creative Approach
Week 2 – The Strengths Philosophy & Embracing Your Inner Self
Week 3 – Public Speaking Skills & Coaching From the Platform
Week 4 – Specialization Study

Month 6 – Business Development

Week 1 – The Business Plan I & The Business Plan II
Week 2 – The Business Plan III & How Coaches Make Money
Week 3 – Marketing Strategies & The Entrepreneur Mindset
Week 4 – Specialization Study

Live Mentor Coaching

Students will be assigned to a live mentor coach and will complete a total of 4 sessions with the coach. This course can be taken in tandem with any of the other courses.

Cost: $2100