ICF Credentialing

1. Why should I get credentialed? (ICF has a good working explanation on their website which may be added)

If you are serious about developing your coaching business, an ICF Credential is the best way to set yourself apart by demonstrating your knowledge, skill, and commitment to high ethical and professional standards. Because coaching is not regulated by any country or state, you are not required to get training or credentials. However, if considering corporate or government coaching many corporations and government agencies require you to be ICF certified.

2. What is the difference between certification and credentialing?

This is a common question. Certification means you attended a coach training program. Credentialing means you have met all the ICF (International Coaching Federation) requirements for a coach.

3. How does the course prepare me for ICF credentialing?

Our courses cover the coach-specific training hours and the mentor coaching requirement.

4. What are the requirements of credentialing for the ACC credential with the ICF?

ACC- ACSTH path, ACC – Portfolio Path, ACC – ACTP Path. There will be a CKA (Coaching Knowledge Assessment) which you will need to pass.

5. Does the weekend intensive program include the CKA (coach knowledge assessment), or would I have to pay extra to take the CKA?

Our course does not include the CKA. You will go to the ICF site and submit your coaching hours and which will then allow you to take the CKA. You will pay their cost on their site. ($300)

6. When can I start coaching and counting the hours toward the ICF requirement?

The graduating coach may start coaching toward the ICF requirement upon completion of the 40-hour course.


7. Once I choose a specialization what can I expect?

There are 3 specialization requirements:
– Foundational training as a Leadership & Life coach
– Homework from a textbook in your specialization
– Mentor coaching and performance evaluations in your specialization

Coach Training Related

11. What is the core philosophy of the Academy?

FOUR PILLARS OF CREATIVE CHANGEā„¢ which can be found here: https://academyofcreativecoaching.com/icf-curriculum/curriculum/

12. How long is the weekend intensive?

The weekend intensive is 4 days, Thurs – Sunday 8 am – 6 pm in the designated time zone.

13. Does the Academy have intensives in person?

Yes, we have events in person. We will return to in-person events in 2021

14. How long is the all online ACC credentialing track?

This track is 3 months and meets Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings.

15. How long is the PCC credentialing track?

This is a 6-month course, All – Online course, or two Weekend Intensives (ACC Intensive and PCC Intensive)

17. What happens if I need to be absent from a class (All-Online)?

Absences are handled on a case by case basis. Please let our instructors know as soon as possible that you will miss class.

18. If I miss one class, are all classes recorded so I can review the missed class later?

All of the all-online classes are recorded. You can miss up to four classes. You will review the missed class and catch up on any required work.

19. When can I say that I am a certified coach?

You can state that you are a certified coach upon graduation from the program.

20. Are materials provided for my tuition?

Yes. The Academy of Creative Coaching manual is provided. All other specialization materials and other materials are included.

Mentor Coaching

22. Is mentor coaching included in my tuition?

Yes, 10 hours of mentor coaching is included and occurs over a minimum of 3 months. 7 hours of mentor coaching are provided during the course. 3 hours of mentor coaching are 1 on 1 mentor coaching sessions.

23. Does the academy pair me with a credentialed mentor coach or do I have to find my own?

Yes, you will be paired with a credentialed mentor coach. It will be your responsibility to reach out to your mentor coach to set up your sessions.

23. Will the Academy support me upon graduation?

You will continue to have relationships with your mentor coach, our administration will continue to support you and we will bring you into our exclusive FB group for help with content, business development, and other resources


24. Does the academy offer intensives for organizations and groups?

Yes, please contact info@academyofcreativecoaching.com for more information.

25. Will the program help me to get clients?

Although we do not guarantee new clients, our curriculum activities include several business best practices that will support students. We currently have a program called The Creative Coaching Initiative where we pass along coachees to graduate coaches. Graduate coaches receive pro bono hours from working with coachees in the program.

24. Does the Academy offer a business development or marketing component to help coaches establish their business?

We discuss business development at a foundational level. If you choose to take the PCC course, we offer an entire module devoted to business development and marketing your coaching business.

25. Does the Academy have a refund policy?

The Academy does not offer refunds.

26. How long has the Academy been in business?

The Academy of Creative Coaching has been in business since 2014

27. I’m a disabled veteran. Do I qualify for a discount?

We honor our veterans and all who have served our country. Discounts are built into our competitive pricing. We have made the program of value to everyone comparable to the marketplace.