Britt Franklin, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Creative Vision Coaching, Life Coaching, Writing Coaching

Baton Rouge, LA - Britt Franklin is an artist, adventurer, and creator of Maverick's Canvas, where expression and authenticity are celebrated. She works with clients to mold untapped…

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Michael Heflin, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Life Coaching, Executive Coaching

Buffalo, NY

Cyndi Heller, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Educational Success Coaching, Career Coaching

Gillette, NJ

Harolyn Attar, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Life Coaching

Atlanta, GA - Harolyn Attar is a program leadership and project management professional who leverages her skills to enhance personal awareness and life satisfaction in her clients through…

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Damion Thompson, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Life Coaching, Health & Wellness Coaching

Milwaukee, WI - Damion Thompson is an entertainer, lover of life, world traveler, life and health and wellness coach whose passion is to help people live the lives…

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Pernethia Arrington, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Life Coaching, Peak Performance Coaching

​​Somerset, NJ - Pernethia A. Arrington, PMP is President and Owner of Vision Speaks Coaching, LLC, a company inspired by Habakkuk 2:2-3. Pernethia has a long-running history excelling…

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Tom Martin, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Executive Coaching, Personal Development Coaching

Atlanta, GA - Tom Martin is an accomplished business leader with extensive sales and operational management experience. As an Executive Coach with Tom Martin Coaching, Tom helps business…

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Angela Smith, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Holistic Wellness Coaching, Lifestyle Coaching

Milwaukee, WI - Angela Smith provides services to help her clients live in joy by creating home no matter where it is. Her philosophy is that home is…

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Tiffany Miller, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Life Coaching, Creative Coaching, Spiritual coaching

Milwaukee, WI - Tiffany Miller is the owner of Live In Bloom. Her company utilizes a creative approach that inspires self knowledge and awareness to empower the actualization…

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Stacy Roberts, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Executive Coaching, Life Coaching

Evans, GA - Stacy Roberts, MBA is a passionate business leader whose focus is developing quality leaders in their professional and personal lives. As the owner of SMR Leadership…

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Dr. Rhonda Anderson, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Life Coaching, Educational Coaching, Business Coaching

Atlanta, GA - Dr. Rhonda Anderson is a Life Transition Strategist who has a passion for assisting youth, adults, and entrepreneurs achieve success personally and professionally. She specializes…

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EJay Johnson, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Relationship Coaching, Executive & Career Coaching

Atlanta, GA

Roshon Thomas, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Lifestyle Coaching

Milton, GA

Trinette Collier, Certified Creative Coach

Services: Relationship Coaching

Atlanta, GA - Trinette Collier has coined the title ‘Inspirationalist’. It is through her advocacy of life and celebration that her gifts and talents have manifested. TLC provides…

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