The Creative Mastermind Experience
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Two dynamic days. A lifetime of creative change.

Tap into and build your intelligent, inspirational, and innovative strengths as a business owner, author, or professional coach. Our Creative Mastermind Experience is a powerful business and self-building initiative for ambitious professionals who desire to build their businesses in small group settings. Experience the weekend and then build together as a supportive team in the six months to follow.

The Creative Mastermind Experience provides participants with exceptional opportunities to experience growth with three primary objectives: Personal Growth, Masterful Leadership, and Organizational Change. The Experience is open to current and aspiring business owners, authors and professional coaches who wish to tackle business-related challenges with experienced, like-minded professionals. By engaging in the sharing of ideas, resources, and solutions, small group collaboration can result in powerful transformation that can take participants to


ACCOUNTABILITY –  Stating goals and actions to a group keeps the focus on meeting those goals.  High accountability at a low level of investment.

SUPPORT –  The common feeling of isolation in starting and running a business disappears. The other members of the group become a personal board of directors.

COLLABORATION – When a group works together collaboratively, they synergistically produce more.

EXPANDED NETWORK – Group members can provide the resources and introductions to get each other to the next level.

NEW PERSPECTIVES – Trusted coaches with a breadth of experience can provide new points of view, fill in knowledge gaps and question limiting beliefs. Someone in the group can offer a solution, connection, or tactic that can help in any situation.

CROSS PROMOTION  Many Mastermind group members form strategic business relationships that bring them additional revenue streams and growth opportunities.

BIG PICTURE THINKING – Stretch boundaries, comfort zone and sense of possibility.

Join thousands of successful coaches from around the world who have earned certifications in professional coaching. We have everything you need for a successful career from education to business development and unlimited support!