Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Training

This introductory course focuses on the critical components supporting the coaching profession. Trainees gain an understanding of what coaching is and is not, coaching ethics and standards, how to develop a coaching agreement and learn the key elements of an effective coaching conversation.

In addition to coaching certification, this is also a credentialing track program. 


Upcoming JEDI Training Dates


July 26th – July 28th
JEDI training

Coaching & DEI Planning

Module One:

  • Section A: ICF Core Competencies
  • Section B: ICF Code of Ethics
  • Section C: Mission-Vision-Values
  • Section D: Facing Opposition
  • Section E: Powerful Questions for Change
  • Section F: DEI-Friendly Corporate Models

Coaching & Climate Design

Module Two:

  • Section A: Inclusive Policies & Procedures
  • Section B: Belonging: Integrating the Whole Person
  • Section C: Positioning on Controversial Issues
  • Section D: Coaching for Healthy Environments

Coaching & Personal Awareness

Module Three:

  • Section A: Implicit Bias & Cultural Competence
  • Section B: Recognizing Personal Triggers
  • Section C: Race, Power, & Privilege
  • Section D: Inclusion Coaching

Coaching & Interpersonal Engagement

Module Four:

  • Section A: Understanding Non-Violent Communication
  • Section B: Nonviolent Communication & Coaching
  • Section C: Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • Section D: Transformative Dialogue & Masterminding

Mentor Coaching Requirements

Mentor Coaching (3 hours)

Trainees are required 10 mentor coaching hours. Seven hours of group mentor coaching are provided through the weekend intensive classes. The final three mentor coaching hours take place through one-on-one mentor hours. This meets the requirements of the ICF. Mentor coaches are provided at no additional charge by the Academy of Creative Coaching, unless the trainee chooses their own ICF credentialed mentor coach. The following is a breakdown of the four mentor coaching meetings:

First & Fourth Meeting (30 minutes)

Trainees will have an intro call and a final check-in call (30 minutes) where they will share their interest in coaching and what they hope to do gain from and do with their training in the future. Trainees will share what they believe they bring to the coaching profession as strengths and what they believe may be their greatest areas of growth. The mentee will initiate scheduling this call with the mentor coach.

Second & Third Meeting (1 hour each)

The trainee will conduct two practice coaching sessions that will be recorded, transcribed, and sent to the mentor coach 5-7 days prior to the mentor coaching call. The trainee will receive verbal and written feedback from the mentor coach during the mentor coaching call. All feedback will be based on the ICF Core Competencies and Markers. The trainee will take initiative in sending their recording and transcript, along with scheduling the mentor coaching calls with the mentor coach.

This process is to be documented in Canvas by submitting recordings and written feedback received to the Mentor Coaching Canvas course.

Post-weekend requirements

Group Masterminding = 5 hours

After the conclusion of the weekend intensive, the credentialing track trainees will meet for a total of five hours to mastermind around the concept of each member’s plan for coaching. Each member of the group will have the opportunity to be the point of focus for the purpose of digging deep, trouble shooting, and brainstorming for that member’s success. Guiding questions for the mastermind include:

  • 1. Describe the plan & the goal
  • 2. Identify strengths
  • 3. Identify challenges
  • 4. Action plan
  • 5. What will you do this week? This month? This year?
Independent Study Course = 12 hours

Option 1: The Wholehearted Self: This course focuses on releasing the debilitating need for perfection, which can foster shame and inhibit the self-awareness needed to recognize biases and to grow in cultural competence.

Option 2: DEI Strategic Planning: This course offers a roadmap, tools, and strategies for creating a DEI strategic plan for businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations. These courses are to be completed in Canvas. For questions or concerns about navigating Canvas, please contact our online instructor, Cheryl Carter at cheryl@academyofcreativecoaching.com

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