The Creative Approach: Intelligence, Inspiration, Innovation™

The Creative Approach™ was developed through research inspired by self-motivation, post-traumatic growth, leadership, and human intelligence. It is based on the premise that it takes intelligence, inspiration, and innovation to creatively facilitate positive life change. The core of this philosophy is acknowledgement of three primary principles:

  • We are whole people who possess the intelligence needed to uncover and resolve our problems.
  • We are driven through inspiration to seek out and discover the purpose of our lives.
  • Through innovation, we have the creative ability to propel ourselves from where we are today to where we desire our lives to be in the future.

Grounded in positive psychology, coaching as a profession is designed to help individuals assess their current situations, solve problems, and take action toward achieving their goals. A great coach knows how to draw essential, unrecognized strengths out of their clients and can effectively inspire them to use their whole selves to accomplish life goals.

Six Modules

Our program consists of six modules that collectively cover the ICF’s core coaching competencies and our Creative Approach™.

Module 1: Coaching Foundations

  • Definition of Coaching
  • Personal Aspirations for Coaching
  • Ethical Guidelines
  • Core Coaching Competencies
  • The Coaching Agreement
  • The First Conversation

Module 2: Relationship Building

  • The Strengths Philosophy
  • Understanding Self
  • Strength Based Relationships
  • Establishing Trust
  • Uncovering Hidden Biases
  • Cultural Competence

Module 3: Effective Communication

  • Asking Powerful Questions
  • Coaching Presence
  • Communication Techniques
  • Group Coaching & Technology
  • Conflict Resolution I
  • Conflict Resolution II

Module 4: Coaching Techniques I

  • Conquering Beliefs
  • Brilliant Coaching
  • Goal Setting Strategies
  • Psychology of Happiness I
  • Psychology of Happiness II
  • Psychology of Happiness III

Module 5: Coaching Techniques II

  • The Creative Approach™
  • Integrating The Creative Approach™
  • International Perspectives
  • Coaching Difference (Diversity)
  • Public Speaking Skills I
  • Public Speaking Skills II

Module 6: Business Development

  • The Business Plan I
  • The Business Plan II
  • The Business Plan III
  • How Coaches Make Money
  • Marketing & Attracting Clients
  • The Entrepreneur Mindset

Coaching Specializations

  • Spiritual Coach – life purpose, finding peace, self-awareness, belief
  • Executive School Leadership Coach – leadership development, organizational goal attainment, career mapping in the school environment
  • Relationship Coach – intimate, parent, friendship, professional
  • Health and Wellness Coach – nutrition, exercise, body image, mindset, physical health
  • Executive Coach – leadership development, organizational goal attainment, career mapping
  • Educational Success Coach – educational success, higher education attainment, career identification
  • Life Coach – life transitions, goal attainment, life satisfaction
  • Cultural Competency Coach – social justice advocacy, cultural awareness, diversity appreciation
  • Create Your Own Specialization – Because our specializations are primarily initiated by the student through course assignments, textbooks, mentor coaching, and practice coaching, with the assistance of our faculty experts, students can create a specialization that best fits the vision for their coaching careers.

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The ACC Structure

  • Length of Program: 3 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months
  • Three program design options:
  • On-Site Location: Atlanta, GA
  • 66 or 133 program hours
  • Approved by the International Coach Federation
  • Certification, Organizational Training, and Mastermind Programs
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