Dr. Sonayia (Sony) Shepherd, Ph.D.

A popular and animated keynote speaker at major professional conferences, Dr. Sonayia (Sony) Shepherd Akinlade has authored and co-authored more than sixteen books.

With an extensive background in professional coaching to educational entities, government officials, and international organizations, Sony specializes in crisis management and has provided on site crisis response and recovery support following many school crisis situations and major disasters around the world, including Hurricane Katrina, Tsunami in Indonesia, Haiti, and outbreaks in Africa and Asia. Sony’s expertise is highly regarded and she has also appeared on Good Morning America, NPR, CNN, FOX, MSNBC and 20/20.

Most recently, Sony served as the project lead for a curriculum development team web training program for the United States Department of Education as part of President Obama’s White House School Safety Initiative.

Dr. Akinlade earned her graduate degree in Clinical Psychology and earned her undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Spanish from Phillips University. She also has a Ph.D. in Public Administration & Emergency Response Policy.