Jay Hurt, CPC

Jay Hurt is the “coach’s coach.”  As an author, international speaker, mastermind facilitator, and relationship coach, Jay offers a unique and strategic approach to relationship and communication.  He is a strong proponent of both professional and personal development, as well as being passionate about creating frameworks and principles for coaches in order to help them become more effective communicators and leaders.

Jay’s background, values and beliefs have led him to focus on the importance of good communication in both business and personal relationships.  This is reflected in his frequent teaching, speaking and writing.

Jay has a special commitment to see African American couples thrive and live out Godly principles in both the context of dating and marriage.  A significant aspect of his coaching and counseling is committed to helping couples thrive and to face the challenges that many African American couples face.

He is the author of The 9 Tenets of a Successful Relationship and his newly released book Before You Jump the Broom.  He is a frequent speaker and facilitator of mastermind groups.