Academy of Creative Coaching Virtual Meet & Greet

The Academy of Creative Coaching has an experienced staff and team of instructors and mentor coaches who represent a prominent group of professionals. They have dedicated their careers to forwarding the important work of coaching.

Last Thursday, some of our team came together to discuss:

– Academy of Creative Coaching’s experienced team of instructors and mentor coaches.
– Characteristics of a transformational leader.
– The history and vision of the Academy of Creative Coaching (ACC).
– What is coaching?
– What students can expect to learn in their informational sessions with ACC and from attending the weekend intensive.

– How coaches can be a part of Creative Change ™.
– Why Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) are significant in coaching.
– How DEI is incorporated into the curriculum.
– What it looks like to build a thriving coaching business.
– How to apply coaching to the corporate world.
– How to use Linkedin to build your platform.

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