Branding Your Coaching Business

On our latest Mindfulness Cafe, Dwayna Williams of TGND Consulting and Brand Strategist and Web Designer, Jasmine Easter discussed branding your coaching business.

During The  Mindfulness Cafe, we discussed:

  • Jasmin Easter’s brand story.
  • The term brand and what it means for coaching businesses
  • The golden rule to branding.
  • Reasons it’s essential for coaches to have a brand.
  • Things you should have in place before you hire a brand strategist or web designer.
  • What it truly means to resonate with your audience.
  • What you should do if you don’t have the finances to invest in branding.
  • The Brand Boosting formula: a 3-part framework for building a brand that centers on utilizing brand strategy, brand style, and a sales system to build brand recognition and awareness.