Forget Command And Control: 7 Secrets To Collaborating Remotely

Over the last couple of months, many of us have been introduced, overnight, to the concept of working remotely from home. For some of us, the challenge has been around using new technology; for others, it has been the discipline required to focus.

Launched in 2010 with just $300 in starting capital, from a beach in Bali, .Coach (dot coach) has grown to become a consulting firm with a reported turnover last year of $11 million. The company is 100% virtual. No offices, 34 employees spread from the U.S. to Australia all working remotely, serving clients in 37 countries. I spoke with Sai Blackbyrn, the company’s Head Coach via Zoom from London about what it takes to build and grow a virtual business.

1. Trust Your Team

Virtual businesses are tough. You don’t know if your staff is working flat out, or just scrolling through Instagram. Blackbyrn tried everything. He even had the staff install a piece of software that monitored their screen during working hours. He eventually realized that 9-5 doesn’t work in a virtual setting.