Helping Others Help Themselves: 4 Expert Tips on How to Start a Successful Coaching Business

Coaching can take many forms—life, executive, career, skills—but all share the same mission: to help people unlock answers. As human beings, we are often the biggest block to ourselves and our progress, unable to realize our potential without someone else shining a light on it. The result is that coaching businesses have been booming.

In the professional sphere, one survey found that almost one in six entrepreneurs were using business coaches for self-improvement. The life coaching market in the U.S. alone is worth $1 billion. While there is high demand for coaching, newcomers hoping to get traction in the industry are heavily dependent on establishing a reputation and starting new conversations around wellbeing, critical thinking, and positive action. Unlocking that uniqueness is a bold endeavor in a highly-saturated business.

Nonetheless, the coaching landscape is constantly in motion, and there is always potential for disruption. Here are four tips to start a coaching business, with insights from leading coaches themselves:

1. Establish your own personal brand.

With a coaching business, you are the brand and the product, so you have to market yourself in a way that reflects your approach. The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “what am I seeking to achieve?” and “how can that resonate with people?” Creating a brand is not solely about presenting yourself to the world, it’s about finding ways to open people up to listening to you and trusting you.

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