Mindfulness Cafe: Systems for Successful Coaching Businesses

Have you joined our Facebook community of Purpose Driven Coaches? Every month we bring to you LIVE lunch and learns called the Mindfulness Cafe. We are joined by guests from all walks of life to discuss scaling, growing, and learning as a coach.

On today’s Mindfulness Cafe, we discussed:

  1. The steps you need to take to create systems successfully.
  2. How to know what automation works well for your business.
  3. The most practical reason business owners and entrepreneurs utilize automation.
  4. The major types of systems for coaches and consultants.
  5. Ways system organizations help coaches simplify their client process.
  6. The areas to focus on in business where system organizations should be applied.
  7. Does automation equate to a happier business owner/ entrepreneur and clients?
  8. How interactive websites and automated processes play a role in the overall brand experience.
  9. What Dubsado is, and how can you use it to scale your business?


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