Updated Professional Certified Coach Markers

PCC Markers are the behaviors that should be exhibited in a coaching conversation at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level.

ICF released updated PCC Markers in October 2020. Please scroll down to the “Updated PCC Markers” heading to learn more and access the updated PCC Markers.

Current Markers
Assessment markers are the indicators that an assessor is trained to listen for to determine which ICF Core Competencies are in evidence in a recorded coaching conversation, and to what extent. These markers support a performance evaluation process that is fair, consistent, valid, reliable, repeatable, and defensible. Please note these markers are not a tool for coaching, and should not be used as a checklist or formula for passing the performance evaluation.

Competency 2: Creating the Coaching Agreement

  • Coach helps the client identify, or reconfirm, what s/he wants to accomplish in the session.
  • Coach helps the client to define or reconfirm measures of success for what she/he wants to accomplish in the session.
  • Coach explores what is important or meaningful to the client about what s/he wants to accomplish in the session.
  • Coach helps the client define what the client believes he/she needs to address or resolve in order to achieve what s/he wants to accomplish in the session.
  • Coach continues the conversation in direction of the client’s desired outcome unless the client indicates otherwise.

Competency 3: Creating Trust and Intimacy

  • Coach acknowledges and respects the client’s work in the coaching process.
  • Coach expresses support for the client.
  • Coach encourages and allows the client to fully express him/herself.

Competency 4: Coaching Presence

  • Coach acts in response to both the whole person of the client and what the client wants to accomplish in the session.
  • Coach is observant, empathetic, and responsive.
  • Coach notices and explores energy shifts in the client.
  • Coach exhibits curiosity with the intent to learn more.
  • Coach partners with the client by supporting the client to choose what happens in the session.
  • Coach partners with the client by inviting the client to respond in any way to the coach’s contributions and accepts the client’s response.
  • Coach partners with the client by playing back the client’s expressed possibilities for the client to choose from.
  • Coach partners with the client by encouraging the client to formulate his or her own learning.

Read more at: https://coachfederation.org/pcc-markers



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