We Stand Against Racism

Over these last three weeks, when I really take in how much of the hate and ignorance that exists in this world is directed to people who look like me, sometimes all I can do is just sit there in state of numbness to escape the overwhelming reality of the world we live in. It’s too much. The work we have ahead of us is great and sometimes it feels easier to just tuck away and hide from it all.

I always get up eventually. I always re-emerge. I always keep pushing. Keep writing. Keep fighting. Because I have to. All of us who believe in this movement have to.

But I’m not going to pretend that all is well, or sprinkle sugar on this nausea, or turn away from the ugliness of it all.

I am bringing all of me.

Every emotion.

Every tear.

Every scream.

Every laugh.

All of it is needed- and I will tap into all of them to get myself and US through this. Love is exhausting. It is passion. It is transparency. It is the raw truth. And best of all, even when I’m at my absolute worst, love never fails.