Meet Pamela Larde: College Professor, Entrepreneur & Author

Shoutout Atlanta had the good fortune of connecting with Pamela Larde and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Pamela, what role has risk played in your life or career? Not only am I a risk-taker, I am a radical risk-taker. I know of no other way to live. Every phase of my personal and professional life consists of me taking a major leap of some sort with nothing more than a vision of how I might land. Sometimes, my landings fall short, and other times, I far exceed my expectations, but in every case, I grow in ways that make me want to find another opportunity to leap. Risk-taking can be scary, but I truly don’t see how to make it from level of living to the next without taking a chance. As a young single mom, I took major risks by leaving home on a whim to pursue a college education with my 10-month old son by my side. Those were the most crucial years of my life as I had to navigate life on my own, juggling three jobs with a full schedule of classes, and no secure housing for months after my arrival. ...Continue Reading

Dr. Pamela Larde Talks Tips To Find and Cultivate A Fulfilled Life

Dr. Pamela appeared on The Chundria Show which will begin broadcasting across the country this month. Here's a clip below. ...Continue Reading

5 Ways A Personal Coach Can Help You Succeed

Can you remember a time when so many challenging things happened at once outside of your personal life? From the pandemic to business and school closures, the year 2020 will be hard to forget. As the new year begins, we continue to struggle with many issues that began last March. However, there are still ways to grow and thrive during this time. Finding access to an effective personal coach or mentor can help you succeed when it feels like all odds are against you. If you’re looking for a coach, you can do an online search for many coaches and programs. ...Continue Reading

How to Get Started With An Online Life Coach

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Why Having a Teen Life Coach is a Great Choice

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