Coaching and Mental Health

With the recent news of the brilliant beauty queen, Chelsie Kryst dying by suicide, many people are reminded of the seriousness of depression and the extremes people go to wear masks to hide the pain. Chelsie was an attorney, a daughter, sibling, and friend. It is unclear if she shared her pain with many others, but it brings to light how we can help those around us.

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Are You Coaching Yourself? Coaching Yourself to Success

I have always liked the start of something new – a new project, a new book, and yes, a new year. A New Year is a new beginning, and an opportunity for all of us to make a fresh start.

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Finishing The Year Strong

As we face the last quarter of 2021, many of us are considering how we want to end the year? We have written our thoughts, goals, and dreams over the past 10 months. Now we are counting the weeks and wondering how much more we can accomplish in the next several weeks.

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Mindfulness Cafe: Marketing Strategies for Coaches

Every month we bring to you LIVE lunch and learns called the Mindfulness Cafe. We are joined by ACC Faculty and guests from all walks of life to discuss scaling, growing, and learning as a coach.

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Start a Successful Online Coaching Business, The Definitive Guide

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