Mindfulness Cafe™: Influential Coaching – Advocacy, Diversity & Inclusion

This past Wednesday we talked with ACC Faculty and Diversity & Inclusion Expert, Carla Fullwood.
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New Professor Appointed to Center for Leadership and Organizations

Dr. Pamela Larde will become an associate professor of leadership in the Anderson University Center for Leadership and Organizations starting in July 2021. ...Continue Reading

5 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month 2021 in your Workplace

LGBT Pride Month takes place every June across the world, in celebration of self-identity, inclusivity, and equality. The event also identifies cases of discrimination still rife in society, to hold Governments, businesses and other leading organizations to account for perpetuating homophobic beliefs. ...Continue Reading

10 Easy Steps for proving the “Value” of Coaching

There are 53,300 professional coaches worldwide who generate $2.356 billion U.S. dollars in revenue globally (2016 ICF Global Coaching Study), and that number is growing rapidly. As the profession continues to grow, the issue of effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) is likely to become more important for coaches. In fact, when it comes to measuring the success of coaching, no metric is more important to top executives than the ROI. ...Continue Reading

How to Determine Value of an Investment in Coaching Training and Certification

IPEC Coaching shares a list of offers and checkpoints you should look for in a coach training and certification program. Among your checklist for evaluating what’s included (and not included) in your tuition and costs, think about whether each program offers the following (inclusively or separately): ...Continue Reading